Beauteous Black ~ by Marilyn Bradford

Beauteous Black Book CoverMarilyn Bradford’s Beauteous Black is a black fairy tale that takes you on a whimsical journey filled with love, envy, and deceit. Follow a young girl as she faces the greatest challenge in her life, that is to survive in a mysterious forest where both the wild and bizarre dwell.This book tells the story about a young Moorish girl’s journey through a mysterious forest. Beauteous Black is a  beautiful girl  who is disliked by her three jealous sisters. They plan to do away with her by leaving her in an infamous forest, which is reported to have ferocious warthogs.However, along the way, they have a change of heart, but by a twist of fate Beauteous becomes lost anyway, and while fleeing the hogs she is saved by the hanging arm of a peculiar tree. There in this enchanted place, Beauteous meets the most charming animated talking animals that care for her and try to help her find her way home. Will she find her way with their help?